With its own research and development team in Germany, WSS is a branch leader in precision tool constructionproduction. We offer super-hard cutting tools made of PCD CBN ND and tailor-made solutions for various industries.

Precision based on persuit of perfect professional work
CBN is non-natural matter formed with CBN and agglutinant sintering in the high temperature and pressure. Its hardness is second only to Diamond, and has good heat conductivity, wear resistance, high thermal stability and excellent chemical stability, CBN is ideal for cutting iron-based metal material.
The high hardness of CBN is from its Intergranular bond.with good hardness and toughness carbide body,making it a material suitable for cutting high hardness and toughness material ,which can bear great cutting force , Intergranular bond can also give strong  impact strength ,which is very important in continue or interrupt cutting.otherwise,CBN has better thermal conductivity,when turing and milling machining,it’s more easier on conductivity than carbide or ceramics cutting tools.