Tool clamping

Berg & Co. is one of the leading specialists in tool clamping technology worldwide. The product range includes clamping systems for quick-release steep taper and hollow taper shank tools in innumerable standard variants and special versions.

Special application

In addition to clamping systems for pallets, devices and changing processing units this product group also includes electromechanical and electronically programmable clamping systems offering an extensive capacity range

Forming technology

Berg & Co. supplies die clamping systems, slide locking systems, clamping systems for moving bolsters and transfer couplings for forming machines.

Workpiece clamping

This product group can be regarded as the fundamental basis for the expansion of the range and development in other ranges of application. In addition to power operated two and three jaw chucks, the standard production range also includes pneumatic, hydraulic and electromechanical operating systems.